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Bruce Kamm


Bruce is a business, fintech and blockchain strategist with expertise in asset tokenization, commerce, digital payments, reciprocal trade and barter, countertrade, asset management, alternative capital and financial transactions.

Collaborating with large and small companies, governments, communities, organizations and trade exchanges, he helps clients enable execution of traditional and online transactions that greatly expand liquidity and bottom line profitability.

Combining domain expertise in the reciprocal trade industry with extensive knowledge of commerce and payment systems, cryptocurrency, blockchain and information services, Bruce has designed and architected evolutionary payment platforms, in-kind donation marketplaces, and VirtualBarter, a commerce and exchange management ecosystem.

Bruce is a lead strategist for, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), CBO and Board Member of LODE Labs, creating a bridge for the underserved from the traditional finance world to the digital world with a smart contract powered Visa Card for digital gold and silver payments.

Trade commerce and payment platforms provide the ultimate online global trade marketplace and trade account management systems used by many trade exchanges, associations, business networks and media companies throughout the world to run and manage their commerce and payment platforms.

Bruce’s core specialties focus on next generation payment solutions, online and PoS commerce, trade, financial engineering and alternative financing using a company’s excess inventory, capacity or non-performing assets to reduce cash requirements for purchasing and operational expenses.

Expertise also includes all phases of cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contracts, real estate development and construction, in addition to marketing, promotion, and operational cost reduction for the hospitality industry.

BUSINESS innovation

We enjoy working with Bruce

What People Say

Bruce is a visionary and technology innovator whose ideas are geared to simplify every day business problems.
Larry Sashin
Starting a new company to help charities with barter was easier with Bruce's help to guide us through our early stage startup.
Tony Holden

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