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Feeding Empty Little Tummies always welcomes the possibility of working with corporate sponsors, and there is no shortage of opportunities for sponsors for events and Giving Challenges. 

Corporate or business sponsorships are an important investment in our community. Charitable sponsorships benefit both the non-profit and its business sponsors.

Sponsorship can be a strategic way to help build a business’s brand recognition and increase community awareness by doing good.

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Sponsor Opportunities & Benefits

Feeding Empty Little Tummies is the original backpack program in Manatee County impacting the lives of hundreds of Manatee County families each year by providing weekend meals to over 800 homeless school children each week.

Manatee County is currently home to 1500+ homeless school children.

Your sponsorship and investment in Feeding Empty Little Tummies will help provide meals to more children, and would be recognized as your company helping to end child hunger in our community.

The benefits are priceless…

  • Improved perception as a brand that gives back.
  • Exposure to potential new clientele.
  • Opportunities to win over customers from competing brands.
  • Higher consumer willingness to pay.
  • Employee satisfaction

The 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study reported that “90 percent of U.S. consumers say they would switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality.”

According to a recent Nielsen study, 55 percent of online consumers would pay more for product or service offerings when a company is associated with social impact. 

The same Nielsen study cited that when deciding where to work, 67 percent of employees would rather work for an organization that was socially responsible.

Sponsoring an event for a charitable organization can be a powerful way to raise brand awareness, create positive press, and build relationships with community leaders and residents.

Walks and races have become popular methods of sponsorship fundraising but the variety in charitable events is increasing. Cycling events, galas, and even virtual races and online events are all emerging as ways to raise funds.

Corporate sponsorship for charity events can grant you exposure, but you don’t even need to wait for a particular event to come around; F.E.L.T. sponsorships enable you to throw your own fundraiser on behalf of the organization.

Corporate sponsorships for our charity events provide a number of opportunities for exposure and media coverage. 

Coverage as a result of a sponsorship is likely to be positive, as you are directly supporting Feeding Empty Little Tummies fundraising activities to feed homeless school children. Companies that sponsor charitable organizations that give back and support the community are likely to receive local news written and broadcast coverage of the event, and well-timed pitching on your behalf can be used to spread the news to a broader audience.

Especially for smaller businesses, taking action can position your company as an organization that is intimately involved in our community to support our children. You also get first-hand interactions with leaders in the community, as well as promotional opportunities on the website and in communications to the media and community members.

Sponsorships at a charitable event can vary greatly, but there could be several options available to you. Running, biking, and other athletic events often allow you to sponsor whole teams, who will proudly wear your company name as they participate. Banners and signs for your company are certainly possible, as well as mentions in any media coverage and advertising for the event. You will also receive a link to your website as a sponsor on, and on the online event page.

Sponsors for charity events benefit from increased media coverage and brand awareness. With your company goals in hand and a great charity to partner with, sponsorships can become an effective way to grow your business.

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Enjoy the Benefits of F.E.L.T. Sponsorship

Let’s explore the opportunities. Join Bank of America, Sysco Foods, Manatee Chamber and other companies and organizations. show the community your company cares.