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Priceless Benefits

Are you passionate about Feeding Empty Little Tummies mission to help end child hunger? 

With a Lode Payments Priceless Benefits Merchant Account, LODEPay will donate 20% of your monthly credit card processing fees to F.E.L.T. at no cost to you. 

Your payment processing will be fast, secure, and low cost, while your participation in the no cost giving program builds community goodwill for your business.

meerchant processing


When you partner with LODEPayments, your merchant processing is handled by one of the largest processors in the world. The LODEPay Priceless Benefits No Cost Giving Program provides an ongoing monthly income source to F.E.L.T., a local good cause you’re passionate about. You can proudly let your customers know with a Priceless Benefits point of sale sign that you’re giving back to a local charity that supports our children, building goodwill for your business. And, every month, we will notify F.E.L.T. of your important contribution to the mission to help end child hunger. Priceless Benefits is a win-win, so apply now.


  • There’s no increase in processing rates.
  • Process online and at the Point of Sale.
  • No equipment or supplies to purchase.
  • No change to your bank and payment procedures.
  • Personal partner support.
TESTIMONIAL “I feel good about supporting children in the community because those are the families who do business with us.” – Julie Robinson


Accept Visa, MasterCard and Digital payments at the point of sale.


LODEPay can be activated on most PoS systems at restaurants and hotels.

Merchant Portal

View transactions, reports, and manage your account, in the LODEPay merchant portal.

GOLD back rewards

Issue AUX gold rewards to customers to improve loyalty and increase sales.

merchant rewards

Earn Reward Dollars just for accepting credit cards. Then spend rewards just like cash.

online marketplace

Offer products and services on LODEMarkets to reach a cast new audience of buyers.

Apply for a Priceless Benefits Account

donate 20% of your merchant account processing fees to F.E.L.T. at no cost.