Many people have purchased or invested in digital or crypto currencies that have appreciated in value, which creates a capital gain that may be taxable income when sold.

Crypto investors can double the benefit of their new found fortune, no matter how small it is, by donating digital and crypto currency to F.E.L.T. Your donation could minimize or eliminate the capital gain plus help provide needed meals to food insecure and homeless children.

Simply scan a QR code below using your cryptocurrency wallet app to instantly transfer digital or crypto currency to F.E.L.T.  You can also download the LODEPay wallet app in the app stores to donate digital silver or gold.

Scan to Donate Bitcoin (BTC)         Scan to Donate Ether (ETH)                         

    Scan to Donate AGX & AUX


Download the LODEPay Mobile Wallet APP to experience digital silver and gold honest money, donate to FELT, and Get Your LODEPay Virtual Debit Card Now.