Many people have purchased or invested in digital or crypto currencies that have appreciated in value, which creates a significant capital gain liability that’s taxable income when transferred or sold. 

Crypto investors can double the benefit of their new found crypto fortune, no matter how small it is, by donating digital and crypto currency to F.E.L.T., a 501c3 charity.

Your tax deductible donation could minimize or totally eliminate capital gains, provide you with a tax donation for the full value of the donated digital or crypto currency, plus help provide much needed meals to food insecure and homeless school children. 

Simply click the desired Pay with Lodepay button below under the amount you would like to donate in digital or crypto currency. Then:

  1. Select the digital or crypto currency from the list that you would like to donate to Feeding Empty Little Tummies.
  2. Scan the QR code using your crypto currency wallet app to instantly transfer digital or crypto currency to F.E.L.T.  

With Lodepay, your crypto donation is automatically converted to USD to support F.E.L.T.’s mission to provide weekend meals to homeless school children.

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