Better Lives for Children

Proper food and nutrition is essential to human well-being. It provides the body with nourishment, offers livelihoods that lift people out of poverty, and brings communities together. Although food is a basic human need, too many children and their families are trapped in a cycle of hunger by forces beyond their immediate control, such as poverty, disaster, conflict and inequality.

Despite decades of progress in reducing word hunger, recent years show increases in the number of children who are hungry or experience food insecurity. Over 800 million people still go to bed hungry at night — that’s one in every nine people who don’t have the food they need to live a healthy, productive life.

The World Health Organization considers hunger to be the single greatest threat to global health. Hunger is cyclical and generational: it inhibits children’s ability to learn to their fullest potential, which can hinder their future and trap them and their families in continued poverty and more hunger.

Feeding Empty Little Tummies can’t eliminate world hunger, but it can contribute to helping relieve hunger for numerous children and their families in Manatee County with your help.

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